Crown of Thorns

Euphorbia milii, commonly called the Crown of Thorns, is a low growing, heavily branched, woody shrub, with oval shaped leaves and dense purplish-brown stems covered by many sharp, spiny thorns. Although the Crown of Thorns flowers throughout the year, flowering is particularly profuse during the winter months, with clusters of between two and eight flowers produced at the tips of green stems. Brightly colored modified leaves (bracts) found just beneath the flowers are quite attractive and gives the Crown of Thorns its colorful appeal, while the true flowers of the plant are small and unobtrusive. Most Crown of Thorn varieties and hybrids vary in form, size and bract color stunning red, pink, orange, yellow or whitish bracts. Many Euphorbia’s are succulents; these often mimic cacti in appearance and are as diverse as cacti in form and size. Grow in porous soil, in full sun or light shade.



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