My Gardening House Plants 143

“Here is a frequently asked question:
“Is this plant a cactus or a succulent?”
This question is nonsensical because cacti are succulents.

Cacti are a group of plants that are not only easy to grow, but offer a variety of shapes, color and form. They can be grown in any sunny, well-drained area. They require little maintenance. They make excellent houseplants and many hardy varieties may be grown outside.

For those of you who want to grow a low maintenance plant, you may want to consider cactus plants. Some cactus and succulent types can be used as pot plants.  The cactus flowers are so different from those of all other plant families that the cacti are unique and alone, without obvious relationship to other plants. Epiphyllum, the orchid cactus, leads this category with its fragrant flowers that grow up to 8 inches across.




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