Amaryllis Hippeastrum striatum






Amaryllis  performs best in areas with warm, dry summers. Native to the tropics and subtropics. Amaryllis will grow in almost any rich sandy mix soil, as long as it’s well drained, drought resistant, very long lived.
Where plants are grown outdoors, flowers bloom in spring; indoors they bloom just a few weeks after planting. Broad, strap-shaped leaves usually appear after bloom, grow through summer, disappear in fall, if plants are dried off and given a dormant period, otherwise, foliage is evergreen.
Named varieties in reds, pinks, white, salmon, near orange, some variously marked and striped. Two to several flowers, often 8-9 in. across, form on stout, 2 ft stems. All types are usually grown in pots. Plant November-February in rich, sandy mix with added bonemeal or superphosphate. Set upper half of bulb above soil surface. Firm soil and water it well; then keep barely moist until growth begins

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